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Super Science, Revolting Science and Glow Science kits

Does your child love doing experiments and making things? Then this kit is the perfect combo that will keep them entertained for hours! 

There are 3 kits on offer. Please make a selection at the checkout.

Magic Sand & Slippery Slime: Experiment with magical sand that stays dry even when it's under water, and make your own slime. 

Revolting Science: Gross stomach-churning germs!  This kit finds and grows the disgusting lurking around your house!

Glow Science:  Glow-in-the-dark powder can be added to all kinds of things around the home to make them luminescent, and add water to special white powder to make it expand into faux snow - it feels just like the real thing! Everything you need is included, just add water! Comes with illustrated instructions, perfect for beginners.


For Ages 8+