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CSIRO Parkes Radio Telescope Visitors Discovery Centre  

Built virtually in the shadow of the 64 metre dish, the Parkes Observatory visitors discovery centre primarily caters for public curiosity about the telescope, its role in the Apollo space missions and radio astronomy more generally. The centre (with over 100,000 visitors a year) features a permanent exhibition and a high definition 3D theatre which offers visitors an insight into the vast complexity of our Universe. Star of the movie "The Dish", the telescope is a world class instrument used by Astronomers from around the world to better understand the Cosmos.

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Parkes Radioscope Shop from outside


Parkes Radio Telescope

The Parkes Radio Telescope Shop

The Parkes radio telescope shop offers a variety of good quality astronomy and space science educational resources and souvenirs. Our online shop provides access to our most useful educational resources and top selling products. These products are hand selected by the staff of the Parkes radio telescope and are always excellent quality.




Parkes Radioscope Shop from inside