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Static Electricity

Science kit for young researchers

About this kit:

What is "Static Electricity"? It seems that many people are aware of the concept but don't really know how to scientifically explain it. Kids experimenting with this "Crazy Scientist Lab" kit will know everything there is to know about static electricity and enjoy amazing tricks and experiments! In this science kit, kids will be exposed to the fascinating world of invisible atoms that are all around us, some with electrical particles that create static electricity in certain objects. Using this electrical current we will perform really cool experiments such as separating salt and pepper grains, sticking a balloon to the wall using electricity, building flying saucers and an electroscope, making Styrofoam balls dance and many more exciting experiments. 

This science kit comes equipped with all the necessary equipment excluding some common household items. It includes a clear guide accompanied with photos of the experiments steps as well as fascinating scientific explanations and facts.  

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