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Magnetic Secret Code

Who will break the secret code?

Number of Players: 2

Contents: 2 game boards - one for the code-creator and one for the code-cracker, 60 coloured magnets (6 colours, 10 of each). 60 hint magnets in black and white.

Goal: to guess the other player's secret code (colour and position of each of the magnets) in the fewest number of turns.

Setting up: For the first round, let the younger player be the code-creator. The second player is the code-cracker. 

The younger player takes the tin board marked "secret code" as well as a handful of different coloured magnets and holds them so the second player cannot see the code table area. The code-creator set up a line of 4 different coloured magnet using any combination of 4 colours from the 6 colours available, and keeps it hidden from the code-cracker. The code-creator should place the hint magnets (black and white) in the designated area on the game board. 

The code-cracker places the coloured magnets on the back of the "decoding table" board. 

The game: The code-cracker now begins guessing the secret code by placing one row of coloured magnets in the bottom row of the "Decoding table". After each guess, the code-creator will provide feedback by placing black and white magnets next to each guess in the "Decoding table". The code-creator will place a white magnet indicating indirect hit (i.e., correct colour but incorrect position). A black magnet will be placed for a direct hit (i.e., correct position sand correct colour). Note that there are 4 slots for placing the hints - so for example, if the guess contains 2 indirect hits and 1 direct hit, then the code-creator should place 2 white magnets and 1 black magnet and leaving the fourth slot empty.

Looking back at all the guesses made during the game in the "Decoding table" will help with code-cracker to crack the code faster.

Winning: The winner is the player who guesses the code in the fewest number of guesses.

If the code-cracker didn'6t crack the code in 10 moves, the code-creator wins. 

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