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Liquifly Water Powered Rocket

This kit is designed to demonstrate the principles of thrust, acceleration and jet propulsion. The science behind launching the LiquiFly Water-Powered Rocket is the same as any other rockets - create thrust from water and air. Bam goes the rocket!!

This kit has everything you need is in the kit. Takes approximately 2 minutes to set-up.

Try experimenting with different water levels, and varying the air pressure to test how thrust is affected. Full instructions are provided in each kit - covering safety, set-up and how to really max out your thrust.

Note: Adult supervision is required for this activity. Improper use of this device could cause injury.


  • bottle
  • set of fins
  • two valves - low launch valve and high launch valve
  • hose
  • pump optimised for use with the Liquifly kit
  • detailed instructions

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