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Physics Ponderables

Our journey begins with the first attempts to understand reality, Mother Nature - or as the ancient Greeks called it, physis. Follow the journey through history as great scientists, such as Thales, Galileo, Feynman, and many others, gradually unpick the fabric of the Universe revealing an array of fundamental forces, intangible particles and indestructible energy. Today, physics discoveries make headline news as we all grapple with the fresh mysteries of the Higgs boson, supersymmetry, and dark energy. The boundaries of physics are on the move once again. What new truths will be revealed next?

Contains 100 chronological articles that tell the story of physics from the dawn of history to the present day. Authoritative text, exciting imagery, and helpful diagrams accompany each of the steps along the way. Biographies of great physicists and a chart of the Standard Model particles boosts the contents for all readers.

A simple physics guide draws together current understanding to set out the basics of the science. 100 Ponderables also contains a 12-page Timeline History of Physics.