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Dark Sky Dreaming

When you look up at a midnight sky, what do you see - mottled stars and a full Moon trying hard to compete with the street lamps for your attention? You might be situated in a city, or its sprawling suburbs, where the ever-present urban glow tends to keep your gaze horizontal, missing out on the beckoning mysteries of the Universe. 

This Skywriters anthology will change all that. Through the eyes and creativity of people who write about south-eastern inland Australia, we'll redirect your vision upwards to a brighter Moon, the subtle presence of nearby planets, the cosmic spectacular of our Milky Way galaxy and those celestial bodies even further away. 

You'll find inspiring stories, poems and essays by a great diversity of Australians responding to what some have called the 'Inland Astro-Trail', which connects rural and remote communities with world-class astronomical observatories such  as those at Parkes, Siding Springs and Narrabri. Some skystories are 'literally', others intensely personal, but all are guaranteed to widen your horizons-upwards!

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