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3D Mirascope

This 3D mirascope uses parabolic mirrors to project 3D holographic images. Be amazed!

The 3D Mirascope uses parabolic mirrors to capture the light of an object and then project it as a three-dimensional image. These mirrors have a special shape called parabola, and this allows the mirrors to reflect light in a very special way.

The 3D Mirascope utilises the properties of the parabolic mirrors to create the hologram. Place any small item inside the Mirascope. The object will sit at the focus point of the top mirror and is reflected downwards onto the bottom mirror. This reflected light is then reflected upwards where it converges at the focus point recreating the object as a 3D image.

Works with any small object - marbles, flowers, minature toys, buttons, rings, lollies, coins or gem stones.

• 3D Mirascope
• Toy frog

For ages 8+

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